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Triplet parts (1)

Triplet parts (1)

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1. Overview

The triplet parts consists of reducing valve, filter and lubricator.

a. The part of reducing valve may stabilize the pressure of air supply. It can prevent the valve, actuator and other hardware from damaging when the pressure of air supply changed suddenly.

b. The part of filter is used for cleaning of air supply. It avoid the moisture entering into the equipment accompany with the gas.

c. The part of lubricator is used to lubricate the moving parts inconvenient to be lubricated in machine. It elongate the serivce life of the body.

2. Installation

a. Clear the objective pipe and joint to avoid impurity enter into the gas circuit.

b. Ensure the flow direction is same as the direction of arrowhead labled on the triplet parts.

    Ensure the tooth type of pipe and joint is matched.

c. Fix the filter, regulator and lubricator: match the ridge of mounting bracket and the groove of triplet parts. and then fasten the triplet parts with stators and screws.

d. Fix when use regulator and filter alone: rotate the fixed collar to lock the accessary exclusive stator.

3. Operating Instructions

a. The filter can be drained by differential pressure and manual. When the manual way is used, the user must drain the water from filter before the water line reached to filter element.

b. When regulating the pressure, please lift the button before rotating it, and then locate by press the button.

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